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Meet The Chef, Michel: He's a Red Seal Chef with over 25 years experience in the Food Service Industry.  He's the most passionate about:  sourcing fresh local ingredients, creating scratch made soups, sauces and all sorts of deliciousness daily & making your taste buds dance.

Meet The Boss, Anita: She's new to Food Service, and brings over 20 years of experience in Customer Service and Entrepreneurship to Chef Boss Culinary. She's passionate about ensuring that your heart feels as full as your belly.

We look forward to serving you so many #sandwichessoupsandsaladsohmy for a long time and The Boss is always glad to see you and pass along your compliments to The Chef.

One of these days soon we're going to add William and Pascale to this page!  They have helped us run smoothly all through the most trying times of 2020.

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