The social box

$50 and up

Our charcuterie boxes are loaded with the good stuff that you want to find on a charcuterie board.  They include a fine selection of local smoked & cured meats (3 types for the Mini Social Box and 4 types for the OG Social Box), local cheeses, house made spreads (1 variety included in the Pillow Box and 2 varieties included in the OG Box), local artisanal as well as house made treats.

Our Social Boxes are available for pickup on Fridays and Saturdays.  Orders must be received and pre-paid no later than Wednesdays the week of.

The Mini Social Box AKA Pillow Box

measures 9" square

Ideal for 4 people


The OG Social Box

measures 12" x 16"

Ideal nibbling for up to 12 people  $150+ tax