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Cool Kids Club

Italian Stallion AKA Handsome Panini
Italian Stallion AKA Handsome Panini

Cool Kids Club
Cool Kids Club


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Welcome to Chef Boss Culinary

Today 11AM - 4PM or SOLD OUT

Place orders ONLINE 1050AM - 4PM

Place orders OVER THE PHONE 1055AM - 345PM

Place orders IN PERSON 11AM - 4PM



Planned Closure Dates 2021 

July 31 - August 4, back Thursday August 5

August 24 - August 28, back on Tuesday August 31



Hey Hey!  Remember when we said Saturday July 17th would be our last Saturday open until Labour Day weekend; we're taking that back! With the exception of our planned closures, we will remain open on Saturdays .. and Hooray for you guys! We're going to be doing a HOT MESS sandwich for pickup this Saturday July 24th at 1030AM.  Only those of you on our website and those that use our online ordering platform are hearing about that today!  So jump on over and order your HOT MESS online today before we announce it to the rest of Social Media Land!


We will however still be reassessing our hours of operation and announcing new hours in September!   We appreciate you guys and your love of our sandwiches more than you can imagine! Stay tuned!

I think we're all excited that BC is in Phase 3 of the Restart Plan! Here at Chef Boss, we are most excited that masks are no longer required, only recommended until you are fully vaccinated.  Please note that we (The Chef, The Boss, The Boys & The Staff) will no longer be wearing masks. 


We would still like everyone to be respectful of each others personal space, so we will continue to limit the number of parties inside the restaurant to 3 (indicated by our floor markers - if you are in a group, please wait TOGETHER) indoors for picking up/placing orders.  


We are continuing to operate under a mainly takeout model with our 2 outdoor patio tables as well as the window seat indoors.  We prefer to have takeout orders placed ahead of time, either using the online ordering platform or calling ahead;  this allows us to fit into your lunch break most effectively.  It takes us an average of 12 minutes to get orders ready from the time they are sent to the kitchen.

The payment terminal is sanitized twice prior to your use.  Once after the previous customer and again before your transaction.  In order to minimize your contact with high touch surfaces as much as possible, we do recommend that you head on over to our online ordering platform to place your orders.  We have been having really great feedback on it, and we have really been enjoying the ease of it for pickup time.

There are lysol wipes and hand sanitizer available for your use.   Many of you have commented on the quality of the hand sanitizer that we have, please use this link to Ravens Brewing to order yours.

We have ONE washroom available to customers because hand washing is still our best option for keeping hands clean!! and it is sanitized between uses.

Thank you so much for your continued support since opening up in February 2020!  We look forward to serving you #sandwichesthatyoudreamabout for many many many years to come.

much LOVE from the Chef Boss Family!

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