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Welcome to Chef Boss Culinary

Mon -  Fri 11AM - 3:30PM


1. ONLINE ORDERING platform:

pre-paid = skip the line, come right up to the side of the counter and let us know that you're here for an online order


we request that all orders placed in the last 15 minutes of service

are placed online or in person only

3. Place orders IN PERSON 11AM - 3:25PM

Planned Closure Dates 2023

New Years - Fri Dec 30 - Mon Jan 2

Family Day - Closed Mon Feb 20

Easter Weekend - Closed Fri Apr 7 - Mon Apr 10

Victoria Day - Closed Mon May 22

Canada Day - Closed 2PM Fri Jun 30 - Mon July 3

August Closures TBD

Labour Day - Closed Mon Sept 4

Thanksgiving - Closed Mon Oct 9

Christmas - Closed 2PM Fri Dec 22 - Sun Jan 7

In order for Chef Boss to continue to make #sandwichesthatyoudreamabout we need the pricing of our product to cover the increases that we have experienced several times over the last year from each of our suppliers. Please note that the pricing at Chef Boss Culinary increased in November 2022 to reflect the increased cost of doing business.  Thank you very much for your understanding and your continued enjoyment of our food!

If you've had a positive experience at Chef Boss, we'd love for you to take the time to leave us a review HERE

If you've had a not so great experience at Chef Boss, we'd love for you to take the time to reach out to us so that we can have the opportunity to make it right HERE

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