In order for us to best accommodate small gatherings, we have put together a special menu of un-pressed sandwiches for your group of 10 or more to choose from.  Each sandwich is individually packaged and labelled in order to make distribution as smooth as possible with minimal contact.  Please note that these sandwiches are not able to be modified with the exception of dairy allergies and gluten free. 


Please inquire via email for availability as far in advance as possible with a minimum of 72 hours notice.  


Include the following information: 

date of your event

preferred time of pickup

group size

FULL DISCLOSURE:  For this type of catered order we require full payment 48 hours in advance via CC over the phone for bills under $600.  Final bills greater than $600 require a minimum 50% deposit 48 hours in advance and the remainder to be payed at pickup. 


turkey cranberry


House Roasted Turkey Breast, triple cream brie, fresh sliced cucumbers, mixed greens and house made cranberry mayo on fresh white, multigrain or gluten free bread.


Italian meats & cheese


Pepperoni, chorizo and cervalat salamis, balsamic roasted peppers, mozzarella, mixed greens & smoked paprika aioli  on fresh white or multigrain bread.  Not available Gluten Free.


Maple ham & mustard


Honey Ham, special house cheese blend, pickled red onions, fresh sliced tomatoes, mixed greens, zesty ranch aioli & pineapple mustard on fresh white, multigrain or gluten free bread.


I'm a vegetarian


Fresh sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, balsamic roasted peppers, house made pickled red onions, mozzarella cheese, mixed greens and zesty ranch aioli on fresh white, multigrain or gluten free bread.


buffalo chicken 'RAP'


Herb roasted Chicken breast, diced celery, grated carrots and roasted peppers tossed in house made hot honey buffalo sauce with mixed greens, fresh sliced cucumbers, house mixed cheese blend and zesty ranch in a tomato basil wrap. Not available Gluten Free.


californ.i.a 'Rap'


Herb roasted Chicken breast, avocado, fresh sliced tomatoes, roasted peppers, our cheese blend, mixed greens & smoked paprika aioli in a tomato basil wrap.  Not available Gluten Free.


cup of soup

$4.50 per 8oz cup

Please let us know of any dietary restrictions for your group so that we can prepare a soup for everyone to enjoy with their sandwich.  Can offer individually packaged up to 15 soups.  Any groups above 15 that wish for individually packaged sides must choose salad. 


side of salad

$4.50 each

Dried cranberries, House Made Crunch Mix (toasted pecans, almonds & pumpkin seeds), pickled red onions, cucumbers, grape tomatoes & parmesan on mixed greens.  House made apple dressing on the side.


Sandwich platter

13.50$ per sandwich

The sandwich platter includes a variety of sandwiches and wraps.  We include an assortment of the following flavours:  Turkey Cranberry, Italian Meats and Cheese, Buffalo Chicken Salad, and  Maple Ham & Mustard.  We also have the "I'm a Vegetarian" and will include or exclude this flavour depending on your dietary preferences.

Minimum Sandwich Platter size is for 10 people. 

You can also choose to add the following options (also offered family style) to your platter to round out a meal:

Soup                         $4.5/soup

Salad                        $4.5/salad

Soup & Salad           $8.5/combo

Cookies                    $3/cookie