the B.L.A.S.T


Double Smoked Bacon, Leafy Mixed Greens, House Made Apple Butter, Sage Aioli & Fresh Sliced Tomatoes on your choice of toasted white or multigrain bread.


the #socheesy


Our special blend of cheeses (parmesan, aged cheddar & mozzarella) with our garden herb cream cheese spread, fresh sliced tomatoes & pickled red onions, panini pressed on white or multigrain bread.

Thank you everyone for coming out today!

the "mary moon"


Herb roasted veggies (zucchini, peppers & onions), fresh sliced tomatoes, house made pesto, arugula, mozzarella & finished with a balsamic glaze, panini pressed on multigrain bread.

Hey everyone! We appreciate your support

the canadian claim to fame


Whisky Maple Ham, mozzarella, pickled red onions, fresh sliced tomatoes, mixed greens, herbed mayo & pineapple mustard on a pressed ciabatta bun.

It seems like every other person is orde

the cool kids club


Double Smoked Bacon, roasted Turkey breast, mixed greens, fresh sliced tomatoes, freshly grated 2 year aged white cheddar & smoked paprika aioli on your choice of toasted white or multigrain bread (2 slices).

Available as a wrap for $1 extra

This sandwich has been growing in popula

the californ.i.a


Herb roasted Chicken breast, avocado, fresh sliced tomatoes, roasted peppers, our cheese blend, mixed greens & smoked paprika aioli, panini pressed on white or multigrain bread.

Available as a wrap for $1 extra

Ooo .. you guys sold us out of "the Ital

the italian stallion

aka handsome panini


Pepperoni, cervelat & chorizo salami with balsamic roasted veggies (peppers & onions), mozzarella, arugula, house made pesto & zesty ranch on a pressed ciabatta bun.


shorty's bbq beef


Slow roasted Canadian Beef, Boss BBQ sauce, our special cheese blend, roasted onions & peppers & smoked paprika aioli on a pressed ciabatta bun.

The Leftovers AKA "Couldn'ts" remain a f

the leftovers

aka couldn'ts


House roasted Turkey, cranberry chutney mayo & sage stuffing, panini pressed on white bread.  Served with turkey gravy.


for the kids


for the 10 and under crowd - grilled cheese with our cheese blend on white or multigrain bread.  Comes with a fresh house made cookie and a box of juice.


that good salad


Dried cranberries, House Made Crunch Mix (toasted pecans and pumpkin seeds) cucumbers, grape tomatoes & parmesan on mixed greens.  Dressed with house made apple dressing.


the soup

Bowl (12 oz) $7

Cup (8 oz) $4

Each day is a different soup that is filled with flavour and sure to delight.  Check our IG stories for the Soup of the Day

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